What is the best Web Hosting for your WordPress site?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world. Millions of people and businesses use this platform to create websites, eCommerce stores, and personal blogs. WordPress is renowned for its ease of use, an immense array of plugins, and fantastic support.

When building your WordPress website, it is important to consider your hosting arrangements. WordPress Hosting or reseller hosting for WordPress is essentially how your website goes live and is able to be accessed by your customers. To help, we have gathered 5 of the top WordPress hosting providers:

Bluehost Hosting for WordPress

Monthly Cost – $2.75

If you search for WordPress hosting on Google, BlueHost is more than likely one of the top results. This hosting company actually partners with WordPress and is renowned for their excellent hosting service. If you use BlueHost, you can benefit from their multitude of experience and knowledge. Moreover, their hosting packages cost next to nothing. For a high quality, reliable shared WordPress hosting plan, BlueHost certainly delivers one of the best offers on the web.

SiteGround Hosting for WordPress

Monthly Cost – $2.75

Another popular brand in the world of WordPress hosting, SiteGround has a similar service to BlueHost. What makes this service so popular is that they offer three different services for different sized businesses. The three packages offer different levels of scalability from small business through to enterprise level. The Start-Up package offers the lowest price and is perfect for small businesses or personal blogs. At just $2.75 per month SiteGround certainly offer the cheapest service, but not at the expense of features.

InMotion WordPress Hosting

Monthly Cost – From $3.55

InMotion actually goes against the grain and offers a whopping six different WordPress hosting plans. This gives you a great deal of flexibility and allows you to pick a plan that really does suit your business needs. Furthermore, you can always scale the hosting plan as your business grows. Even the basic plan gives you a decent amount of storage and bandwidth, together with enhanced security features. The higher the plan, the more resources such as storage and monthly users you can enjoy.

HostGator WordPress Hosting

Monthly Cost – $3.00

HostGator is another similar company to BlueHost and SiteGround who are well-known for providing solid and reliable hosting services. They certainly don’t offer anything out of the ordinary, but their prices and features are on par with other competitors. Their managed WordPress hosting is cheap and you can benefit from a free site migration, SSL certificate, and unlimited email addresses. Most people have also commented on the quality of HostGator’s customer support team.

Green Geeks WordPress Hosting

Monthly Cost – $3.95

As you can see there are plenty of options to choose from when considering a WordPress hosting solution. When choosing a provider, consider your own needs and requirements, and pick one who you feel will give you exactly what you want for a reasonable price.